When he dreams, he dreams of flawless escape.

Just because a system is male-dominated doesn’t mean all men are powerful. As most men will tell you, they aren’t, most often because of class or race or disability status. Male dominance does mean, however, that every man can identify with power as a value that his culture associates with manhood, and this identification makes it easier for any man to assume and use power in relation to others. It also encourages a sense of entitlement in men to use women to meet their personal needs, whether it’s getting coffee for everyone or taking the minutes of a meeting. Since women are culturally disidentified with power, it’s harder for them to exercise it in any situation. When women do find ways to be powerful in relation to men, it’s usually in spite of the male dominated character of patriarchal systems as a whole. Allan G. Johnson, Privilege, Power, and Difference